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进行 现场 管理
Workplace Organization through 5S用5S进行现场管理,LEAN.ncpark@gmail.com,Program Objectives 目标,Define each of the 5 S’s 定义5S内容Describe the steps necessary to organize the workplace 描述管理工作现场的必要步骤Apply the principles of Workplace Organization to any work environment 将工作现场管理原则用到工作环境中,Upon completion of this training module, you willbe able to 培训结束,您将可以:,Workplace Organization 工作现场管理,DEFINITION 定义: The safe, clean and orderly arrangement of the workplace that provides a specific location for everything and eliminates anything that is not required. 是指安全,清洁和有序工作布局,为每个物件提供具体位置并消除不必要的物件。PURPOSE 目的: Workplace organization puts order to the workplace, allowing “out-of-standard” conditions to be visible. It eliminates waste and makes our daily tasks more comfortable, accurate, easier and less costly.工作现场管理就是为工作现场定规矩,使“超标准”状态显现出来。它可以消除浪费,使我们的日常工作变得舒适,有效,便利及成本低。,Motto 格言: “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”物有所处,物在其位,Workplace Organization 工作现场管理,Benefits of Workplace Organization 工作现场管理的益处,,What are the 5S? 5S 是什么?,The 5 S’s are five terms beginning with the letter S, that help achieve workplace organization. 5S 是5个以S开头的字,它会帮助实现工作现场管理。,Sift 整理,,,1 Sift 整理,Sift 整理 = Organization 组织: Discarding unnecessary items 去掉一切不必要的物件,,Sift 整理,1) Tools 工具,2) Inventory/ Storage库存/储藏,3) Equipment设备,Three areas of focus 三方面的关注:,Sift 整理,Red Label Campaign 红标签竞赛,PliersRusted,Sift 整理,Red Label Campaign 红标签竞赛活动The red label is a visual management tool that helps to identify unnecessary items. 红标签是一种可视管理工具帮助识别不必要的物件。During the Red Label Campaign, it is important to 活动红标签活动期间,重要的是:,Keep existing standards in mind 牢记现行标准Develop standards where ones do not exist 建立缺少的标准Ensure that both shifts know what is red labeled and thatthey both agree on its removal 确保双班都知道红标签,都同意去掉红标签Ensure that red labeled cabinets or cupboards are totally empty before removing them 确保在去掉标签前贴红标签的箱子和柜子是空的Simulate the operation at the end of the campaign 竞赛结束后,模拟操作,Red Label 红标签,Material 材料,plastic clips 塑料夹,KJ 1299,1 box,Obsolete 作废,12-55,02/09/98,,Sort 整顿,,,,1 Sift 整理,...Everything in it’s Place. 物在其位,Sort: A Place for Everything....整顿: 物有所处,,,,,Sort 整顿,,Everything in its proper place 任何物件都应在其适合的位置The location of equipment, tooling and material should be clearly defined, standardized and maintained.设备,工装和物料的位置都应清楚规定,标准化,并得到保持。,Sort 整顿,Sort - 3 Steps 整顿 – 三步骤,Sort 整顿,,2. Determine a location. . . 确定位置,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mark the location. . .标识位置,. . . set a standard! 制定标准,Sort - Marking the Location 整顿 – 标识位置,Shadow Board,Sort - Marking the Location 整顿 – 标识位置,GM Argentina,Sort - Marking the Location 整顿 – 标识位置,GM Hungary -Parts Sign,Sort - Marking the Location 整顿 – 标识位置,Sweep 清扫,Sweep: = Cleaning the workplace 清扫 = 打扫工作现场By cleaning the workplace, defects caused by dirt are minimized, safety is enhanced, and equipment problems can be immediately identified and corrected. 通过打扫工作现场,减少因灰尘造成的损坏,提高安全度,从而使设备问题及时发现并及时解决。,,,,,Sweep 清扫,,,,,,,CHECK 检查,,,,“Sweeping” is checking!“清扫”就是检查!,,,Sweep 清扫,Clean the floors, walls, overhead beams, ceiling and light fixtures 清扫地面,墙面,头顶梁,天花板,及轻型工装Clean machinery, equipment, cabinets, shelves and lockers. 清扫机器,设备,柜子,架子,和锁柜Repair leaking equipment 修理泄漏的设备Re-paint lines 重新施画标线Re-paint the floor and equipment 重新喷涂地面和设备Contain shavings of cutting, grinding, drilling or tapping equipment 保持切,磨,钻孔,攻丝设备的界线,One must: 必须,Sweep 清扫,Sustain 清洁,,,,,,,,,,3 Sweep 清扫,,,2 Sort 整顿,1 Sift 整理,,4 Sustain 清洁,Sustain = Maintaining Workplace Organization 清洁 = 保持工作现场有条不紊,Sustain: 1) Set Standards 清洁:1)建立标准,Identify Tasks 识别任务Assign Responsibility 分配责任Set Targets 设立目标,,Responsibility Chart职责表,,JonLarryPeterDaveGreg,12345,Target目标: Major 5s 1/qtr.,,,,Who 人,Task 任务,Sustain: Promoting 5S 清洁:推进5S实施,Conduct 5S tours through the area 通过区域巡视5S实施情况Have 5S audits conducted at the team level. Rotate inspections amongst team members. 以小组为单位进行5S评审。在各组成员中换位检查。Develop measures and targets of 5S 建立5S的测量标准和目标。Identify examples of good 5S through pictures and publish them. Once an area is to standard, take a picture for future reference. 以照片和公布的形式识别较好实施5S的实例。一旦一个区域按标准实施,用照片记录以做将来参考。Recognize teams or individuals. 认可小组或个人的贡献。Promote 5S through newsletters, posters, badges, slogans, information pamphlets or special days. 以通讯,招贴,证章,标语,信息册或特殊日方式推进5S的实施。MBWA (Management by Walking Around). “See what you see” and pick up items as you come across them. Be an example. 管理层巡视。“看你要看的”并选你所遇到的几项。举例。,Promoting 5S Activity (Examples) 推进5S实施的活动(举例),Self-Discipline 修养,,Self-Discipline = Internal Discipline 修养 = 内部规定,Step 5: Self Discipline第五步:修养,Examples include: 举例,Coming to work on time 按时上班Returning to work on time after breaks and lunch 休息和午饭后,按时回到工作岗位Adhering to standards 坚持按标准操作Following company policies 遵守公司规章制度Being courteous and helping others where possible 有礼貌并尽可能互相帮助Using and wearing the required safety equipment 使用和穿戴规定的安全装备Smoking only in designated areas 只在规定的区域抽烟Inspecting all tools and materials 检查所有工具和材料,Self-Discipline 修养,Workplace Organization Assessment 工作现场评审5S Corrective Action Sheet5S整改行动计划,,Check and Follow Up 检查和跟踪,Workplace Organization 工作现场管理,On the shop floor. . .在生产现场,. . . in the office! 才办公室,Organizing the Office 办公室管理,The steps in organizing the workplace also apply to the office environment.工作现场管理的步骤也适用于办公室管理。Step 1: Discard Unnecessary items 去掉一切不必要的东西。第一步 Put a red label on those items that are not necessary 在不需要的东西上放标签。Step 2: Everything in its Proper Place 每个东西有合适的位置第二步 A Categorize what remains according to frequency of use. 按使用频次,分类需保留的东西。 B Determine the appropriate location for each category of items. 确定各类东西的放置适合位置。 C Mark the Location. 标识位置。Step 3: Cleaning the Workplace 清扫办公现场第三步 Remove all dirt from the workplace. 清除办公现场灰尘Step 4: Setting Standards and Maintaining 5S 建立标准并保持5S实施第四步 Determine the standards for the office and have the self discipline to maintain the standards. 确定办公室标准并自觉遵守贯彻标准。,Group Exercise小组联系,LEAN.ncpark@gmail.com,
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